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  ASY Series Scotch Yoke Penumatic Actuators
ASY Series Scotch Yoke Penumatic Actuators
About ASY Actuator
ACHEM ASY series scotch yoke pneumatic actuators are specifically designed for use with quarter-turn valves. The large output torque range offered by ALPHA-ACHEM GROUP ensures that our actuators match the operational characteristics of plug, ball or butterfly valves; or any device requiring precise and reliable 90rotary motion. The Series ASY Scotch yoke actuators offer large output torque range. For the spring return version, the output torque range from 200Nm to 170,000Nm. For the double acting version, the output torque range from 100Nm to 250,000Nm.
Performance Characteristics
ISO5211 and Namur Mounting
The ASY series actuator's connection interface is with ISO5211 interface to valve and Namur interface to limit switch box or valve positioners.
Water ingress protection
O-ring and seals (NBR for standard and PTFE for extreme cold) are fitted on bodys, caps, cylinders and each connection to ensure water ingress protected.
ASY actuators are laid on three coats of paint to resist severe weather, chemical and petroleum environments. The inner surface of cylinder is coated by PTFE, enhance corrosion resistant and selfubricating.
ASY yoke mechanism fitted with mechanical end stops (open or closed positions) to ensure adjustable range of 6
Operating Conditions
Working media is 3 - 6 bar pressure air which is less than 40um filtered, dried and lubricated. ASY actuator is available to be used in high temperature and extreme cold environments.
ASY in extreme cold environment
In extreme cold environment application, the PTFE is used for seal and low temperature pressure vessel steel (09MnNiDR) is used for each module. The body will be welded by 09MnNiDR.
Ordering Guide of ASY Actuators
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