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Spring Diaphragm Actuators
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ALV500 series
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ALV500 series solenoid valves
ALV400/600/700 solenoid valves
ALV300 series solenoid valves
Valve Monitors(IP67)
ALS200 valve monitor
ALS210 valve monitor
ALS20PM2 valve monitor
ALS300 valve monitor
Valve Monitors(Ex d)
Hermetically sealed switch
Top Valve Controllers
Rotary Valve Positioners
ALP 3000 E-P Positioner
ALP 2000 E-P Position
ALP 4000 E-P Positioner
ABR-300 Series
ALU-400 Series
Linear Valve Positioners

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  Company Profile  

Wuxi C&W Valve Controls Co., Ltd is a technical, manufactural and trade enterprise integrating R & D, production and marketing, with two factories, one R & D center and two overseas marketing companies, specializing in the production of Pneumatic actuators, Spring-diaphragm actuators, Scotch yoke actuators, Four piston pneumatic actuators, Waterproof and explosion-proof pneumatic solenoid valves, Limit switch boxes, Valve positioners, Top valve controller and ASI valve fieldbus monitors and other products. The company's main factory covers an area of more than 7000 square meters, more than 80 employees ,20 engineers, annual production of 150,000 pneumatic actuators, annual production of waterproof and explosion-proof pneumatic solenoid valves and other pneumatic components 200000. The main products of the company have successfully got the approvals of SIL3, CE, IECEx, ATEX, CSA, NEPSI and IP66 & IP67, NEMA4, 4X.

  LIst of Factories and Branches  
Wuxi Wilson Flow Control Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Found in May 2005
  • Main Products: Aluminum Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators,Solenoid Vavle and ASi Monitors
  • Employee: 80
  • Output of Products: 150,000 PCS yearly
  • Turnover: RMB 80 Million

  • Wilson R&D Room
  • Found in1998
  • Market Role: Research and Development
  • Main Area:Pneumatic Actuator,Namur Solenoid Valve, AS-i Top Valve Controller and Wireless Valve Monitoring and Controlling
  • Engineers: 5

  • Wuxi Aphe Flow Smart Controlls Maker Co.,Ltd
  • Found in 2003
  • Main Products: ALS Series Valve Monitor, ALP Series Valve Positioner
  • Employees: 30
  • Output of Products: 80,000 PCS yearly
  • Turnover: RMB 10 Million

  • Wuxi Wilson Valve Actuator Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
  • Found in 2012
  • Main Products: Spring Diaphragm Actuators and Scotch Yoke Actuators
  • Employee: 30
  • Output of Products: 50,000 PCS yearly
  • Turnover: RMB 30 Million

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